I really love watching newlywed couples with their new born baby or toddler. So much life. So much love.


Special Place

​This one place, where both of us first accidently met each other's eyes is our so called 'special place'. First is an accident, Second is also an accident, But then it became our secret meeting. Standing in the usual spot everyday, we know when to turn our heads to meet each other's eyes then throw … Continue reading Special Place


People corner you to move on Yet you keep going on and on Chasing yet for the out-reach Shrug every bit of teach That what makes you human Keen to be veiled by the confusion Accepting no stretched hand Even meant to arise solution Now nature plays it usual game Because you embrace meekly The … Continue reading Veiled


Perfect, flawless. Isn't that all she'd ever wanted? Name it. Looks, money, interests, personality. Loving, devoting. Isn't that all he'd ever done? Change it. Looks, money, interests, personality. Yet now she turned her head, being mad, said he'd thrown away, life as he may. But how can he not, when he found the one, and … Continue reading Changed