“Like I said, Jessica. That guy is no good for you!” He put his glasses on the coffee table and crosses his arms.

Jessica stood in front of him with an annoyed face. She clenched her fist and looked down. Her body was shaking from all the anger that filled her “I HATE YOU, DAD!!” she lashed out and left to her room and locked it.

I had been standing here for a while, trying my best to not get involved. But then I decided to walk to him, my husband, and sit closely next to him while caressing him warmly.

“You do know she doesn’t mean that, right?” I said.

He stayed silent, hugging me a little tighter.

“I know you meant well. I really do. She just needs to think about it through.” I slowly let go of my embrace and put my forehead on his. “Why did you even say that anyway?”

“The guy she has been dating was famous for doing bad things.”


“Smoking, and going out with motorcycles.”

I chuckled. “And why exactly going out with motorcycles count as a bad thing?”

He stayed silent yet again.

I put my hands on his cheeks and squeeze his cheeks lightly. “Don’t you remember, back then when we weren’t even dating in high school, you were also in this gang that goes anywhere with motorcycles. Not to mention you also smoke.”

“That’s why I said he’s no good.”

“Then are you no good for me now? Do you think that? We already have these 4 children and now you say you’re no good?” 

“No. I didn’t say any of that.” He argued, holding my hands tight to convince me. “I’m not like that anymore.”

I smiled kindly. “Exactly, honey. Exactly.” I hug him once again. “People change, and we can’t say that someone is bad  just by the mistakes he did during his teenage year. I’m sure Jessica is old enough to know whether he is good or bad. After all, I’m her mother.”

He chukled. “I guess you’re right.”

“What if that guy Jessica dating turns out to be someone like you? I bet she’ll be the happiest person.”

He pinched my nose. “What are you implying?”

“Exactly like you think I am.”


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