How Does it Feel to Date Younger Guy?

Dating a younger guy had been a big no-no. Saying that it’d just gonna cause problems because immaturity of both sides.
She shouldn’t have thought about it now, but it just crossed her mind. She couldn’t help it.

She peeked the guy sitting across her with his eyes glued to the menu. His eyes narrowed down as he scratched his curly short hair in confusion. She remembered well how he said that he couldn’t read without his glasses on. But he’d never brought that glasses of his. He said it didn’t suit him.

She chuckled and he noticed it.

He put his palm on his cheek, tilted his head and smirked, “What?” He asked.

She shook her head, he frowned.

She bursted into yet another laughter, and now it’s his turn to shake his head, wondering what’s up with her.

After calming herself down, she realized that this is the perfect timing. She bent down down to grab a bag from under her seat and brought up 4 donuts inside a box with candles on it.

He smiled and asked, “What is this?”

She lit up the candles, “Happy birthday, dummy.”

“Oh, wow. Of course you remember.” He said, almost sarcastically “It’s the day we’re finally the same age, for only 19 days, I guess.”

Deep down, she sighed. Not this again.

She shrugged, “Who cares about being the same age now?”

“I do.” He admitted.

She laughed, “Then, that’s your problem, not ours!”


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