A Fan

Sitting in the back of the car, staring blankly to the window. Who knows where she’s looking at? Outside? Her own reflection? Or the driver’s reflection.

The driver, weirdly, was honestly someone who personally asked her to go on a date–for a drive. But she couldn’t help it when she had an urge to write.

She didn’t know,

She didn’t care.

He was probably the 100th men who thought that she was crazy because she was a writer.

I mean, who sits in the back of the car, staring blankly at the window with laptop on her lap on a date?

Her, only her.

At first, those weirded look offended her very much. But now? She cared no more.

Suddenly she shook her head to push away all the thoughts blocking away her inspiration from her head. I need to focus. I have a book to write, she thought.

But she still couldn’t focus. She felt someone was watching her and that person was no other than the driver–or her date, whichever suits you.

He stared at her from the rear mirror, but he was not frowning like other guys she had dated.

“Finished with your book?” He broke the ice and spoke to her.

She frowned, “Not really.” She picked up her laptop and showed him the screen, “See? It’s blank.”

He hummed, “I can stop somewhere… I don’t know… Like, with better view if you want to. Maybe it’ll help?”

“No, no. I’m inspired better when we’re moving.” 

He smiled and continue driving.

He’s weird, alright. Any guy would have complained to her about how ignorant she was during the date, and then force her to sit next to him at the front because they didn’t want to feel like a taxi driver.

But for these few hours of drive, he didn’t say any complaints.

Or maybe he was holding it in?

She then stared back at her laptop, deep in thoughts, but then decided to turn off the laptop.

She looked up to the man, but now he was frowning as he said, “You really don’t want me to stop somewhere so you can write?”

She smiled while shaking her head, “I can do this elsewhere.” She turned her head to face him, “So… Tell me more about yourself.”

He laughed, “I would. If you show me a glimpse of your newest book.”

She gasped but then chuckled, “You what?”

“I’m a big fan of yours, you know?” He scratched his head awkwardly.

She laughed, “So that’s why!”


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