The Eternal Snow

Ryland took a sip of his black coffee. Blacker than black, hotter than hell–at least that was the slogan said.

He posisitioned himself comfortably in the sofa next to a big window as he looked outisde.
It was another blizzard happening outside and he was sure he couldn’t go back to his town again today.

Snow never stopped falling in this town. Literally never. How many years had passed since he was stuck here? Ryland shrugged at his own thoughts.

“Hey, Ryl!” A shout from faraway stopped Ryland’s train of thoughts as he looked up and scanned the room, searching for the source of the voice that was calling him.

“Jacob,”  Ryland said when the man called Jacob stood quite close from where Ryland was sitting

“This seat taken?” He asked, pointing towards the seat across Ryland.

“You know the answer.”

Jacob laughed, “You really need to stop being such an anti-social, you know?”

Ryland shrugged. Jacob laughed at his friend’s kind of denial as he sat at the chair across Ryland’s. “Then, I’ll just pretend you’re saving this seat for me.”

Ryland turned his face back to watch the blizzard outside. Jacob whistled “Sure we won’t be going home again today,” he said “Or even this year.”

Jacob rustled his bleached hair while staring deeply at the blizzard happening outside. Jacob, he definitely looked like the kind of guy who was afraid of commitment. His aura was like shouting “I smoke, I drink, I have tattoos on my chest and I can get laid anytime I want because I’m the coolest man on earth and you girls gonna be crazy about me.”

But actually Jacob already settled down and he had a son back home. He left home to work and it’s been years since he last saw his wife and son.

Ryland definitely knew how Jacob felt.

Not that he was also married,
but he knew how it felt when you were seperated from someone he loved so much. Not being able to reach out anymore.

“Mmn, coffee seems really nice during this kind of weather.” Jacob changed the topic. “Waitress!” He shouted

Not long after that, the waitress came with a big grin and reddish cheeks. She twirled her blonde hair and tried her best to look cute in front of Jacob, flashing yet another smile to Jacob–and Ryland for a split second.

“The usual, sir?”

Jacob smiled. Ryland could guarantee the waitress was trying her best not to faint.

Or maybe Ryland was hyperboling his own observation.

Yeah, Ryland was always like that. Hyperboling, overreacting, overthinking, oversensitive.

“So, why are you clenching your hands like that, dude?”

Ryland gasped, “Nah,” he said, “Just thinking about something.”

“Right.” Jacob said, frowning.

“Stupid self,”
Ryland thought. “Stupid town, stupid snow, stupid thoughts. Stupid life. Why can’t this eternal snow kill me?”

As Ryland cursing his own situation, the door flew open with a big THUMP. Letting in the temperature of outside creep into the warm room.


The cafe was a complete chaos. Chatters started to fill the room, there were few screams and cries.

Death awaits them there.
Ryland could feel the blizzard was laughing at them,

“Pity you,” the blizzard probably said.


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