The Barista

The girl stood in front of the cashier, frowning.

“Then, I’ll have an iced vanilla latte, please.”

“Certainly,” the cashier said. He grabbed a cup and wrote her name on it and passed her order to the barista.

She took a deep breath and slowly fix her hair as she walked to where she should pick up her drinks. She tried her best to stand normally but all she did was standing like a statue–all stiff.

Her eyes wandered towards the tall man who was making her drinks. She grinned as the color of red started to cover her whole face.

“One iced vanilla latte for Ms. Sam!” The barista suddenly called.

“Y-Yes!” she walked toward him and tried to flash her sincerest smile, but failed.

Looking at her, the barista laughed a little as he put the cup on the table.

She grabbed it and fled outside, leaving the man behind, still smiling. She was cursing, cursing how stupid she always acted everytime he’s there.

She sighed and leaned toward the nearest wall, looking at the cup as she noticed a note written with a messy handwriting different from the cashier’s.

“I find u really cute :)” it said.

She smiled. Maybe coming there everyday might not be a vain after all.


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