2D Guys

The phone rang and the couple looked at their own phones that were on the table.Later the man realized that it wasn’t his phone ringing. He looked at his girlfriend who was still looking seriously at her phone. Tapping, tapping and tapping.

The man smiled but sighed slightly.

We were having such a great talk, though, he thought.

He shook his own thoughts from his head, not wanting to act selfishly toward his older girlfriend. He already decided not to act all spoiled anymore.

But then, his girlfriend never put down her phone. The man pouted and leaned his head on her shoulder, not looking at her phone–she might be offended by that.

“Work?” he asked

She shook her head.

“Then, what?”

She didn’t reply. The man turned his face to look at her phone.

There was a glasses wearing sophisticated young man’s face on her screen. Texts kept appearing below the man’s chest along with her tapping on it. He was saying such sweet and melting words, he could actually puke from its grossness.

The woman noticed his boyfriend’s sudden silence and immediately put down her phone.

She kissed his cheek and said, “You do know that you can’t beat fictional characters, right? They’re too perfect.”

He rolled his eyes, still pouting like a child he is. “But that doesn’t mean they can beat a real man, though.”

He faced away, “What does that even mean?”

She girl leaned to him and whispered, “Who knows?”

She knew he was burning up.


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