8 O’clock Symphony

A storm during Christmas Eve. Who knows whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I crawled lazily towards the window and opened the curtain which already felt cold along with the freezing window of this small and really cheap studio apartment room. This non-stop storm since 2 days ago not only made the window as cold as ice but also made thick dew appear as if the thing happened outside is not a mere storm–is a storm mere though?–but a big snow blizzard.

“This is crazy,” I whispered to the rain as if it’d hear me and answer the reason why it refused to stop pouring and stop my super important work outside.

While staring at the window, I couldn’t help the childish desire I had to draw the window using the thick dew in front of me. I started to design a very cute raincoat for teenage girls there.

A wide smile appeared across my face as I nod, looking satisfied with the designs I made all over the bottom-side of the window. I hurriedly grabbed my phone and took few photos of the window where I drew my designs that I should press, spontaneously–and once again, using dew.

Once I was done, I turned my face to look at the clock.

It’s almost 8 PM.

I closed my curtains and crawled back to my bed. I turned off the classical music that was playing from the small radio across the room with a remote and I turned off the only lamp that was on–the bedside lamp.

“5 more seconds…” I said slowly, looking at the clock next to my bed. With my heart beating like a drum, I smiled widely and positioned myself comfortably in the bed.


Hearing the note that I translated into a code that meant ‘the show will start soon’, I grinned.

This is it, the piano symphony from the room next door that I always hear everyday at 8 PM.



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